Festivities, family and friends usher one year out and a new one in

20 December 2018

Christmas 2018

Morrison & Breytenbach Architects wish all our clients, fellow industry consultants and product advisors a time of fine festive revelry to see the old year out and celebrate a new one coming in. The old holds fresh memories of recent achievements, and the new, the aspirations and dreams for 2019. We hope that both have been, and will be, fulfilling for you.

Thank you to our clients for joining the collaborative journey to develop unique designs that best realise the potential of your project. Thank you to the building teams who have transformed our drawings to tangible, ready for use full-scale habitable outcomes! We appreciate and value your support and have enjoyed working with you to realise a diverse range of successful projects in 2018.

Architectural practice is never short of creative challenge. We continue to be excited by the never-ending quest it demands for new ways of thinking, interpretation and development of ideas, and the application of our skills to resolve the briefs you bring us to tackle.

We wish you all happy, safe and relaxing Christmas and New Year celebrations and time out to reconnect with family, friends and to recharge yourselves! Our practice will close from Friday 21 December 2018 until Monday 7 January 2019.