’Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house…

20 December 2017

We wish you a wonderful festive season and new year 2018 from us all at Morrison & Breytenbach Architects! Image by Gordon Harrison-Williams.

The desire to host a family Christmas in a new home, the turkey and ham in the oven and relatives descended from near and far to enjoy the setting, often determines a client’s program at the start of a residential commission. Likewise retail, hospitality, hotel and holiday accommodation projects rely on timely readiness for trading through Christmas and into the New Year. The pre-Christmas shut down period is a silly season in more ways than one, as we, along with the entire building industry, scramble to meet our deadlines!

The traditional European images of Christmas I grew up with were centred around the notion of hearth and home providing warmth, safety and comfort against a setting of short, dark winter days and cold, snow-filled weather extremes. The home as a symbol of shelter and well-being against the harshness of the world is a powerful, evocative and alluring one.

Fast forward to southern hemisphere 21st century multicultural Australia and we know that family composition, home ownership, lifestyle, and traditions have changed. Christmas here is celebrated in many different ways but remains an important time for re-connecting with family, friends and colleagues. It is also a time to review the year. Significant amongst Morrison & Breytenbach Architects’ achievements of 2017, we are most proud of Director Yvette Breytenbach’s ongoing voluntary contribution to the architectural community in the demanding role of current Tasmanian President of the AIA, and of our Sustainability Learning Centre being awarded As-Built 6 star Green Star rating, the first and only building to achieve this in Tasmania to date. We were also gratified by the University of Tasmania Inveresk NRAS Student Accommodation declared the winner of the 2017 Green Gown Australasia Built Environment award.

As the end of year draws to a close and revelry ramps up and then down, we wish you good times re-evaluating your goals and re-charging your energies for the year ahead. We greatly value working with you, our wonderful clients, as well as our colleagues and consultants – thank you all!

As our offices close for the Christmas break from 22nd December 2017 we say goodbye to draftsperson Marc Walther and welcome Sebastian Young, Graduate of Architecture, who is joining our staff when we re-open for business on 8th January 2018.

Image by Gordon Harrison-Williams